It is no secret that $ociety has treated people of African descent as second class citizens for decades.

The westernized world has systematically eliminated any indication of their contributions to today’s $ociety.
The media falsifies and misleads the masses to paint a dishonest portrait of the black male.
Authority and law enforcement continuously disregard the rights of black individuals whom are regularly treated unjustly. These things have created a precedent which has lead the people to become desensitized to these types of occurrences. As one can witness the lack of appreciation for those of African decent, one must also speak about the live’s lost unjustly throughout this never ending battle for equality.

This February in honour of Black History Month I have created a 1/1 parcel to bring light to the injustice faced African Americans dating back to the 1920’s.

The front of the jacket is decorated with a patch which is shown as a “Justice” scale. This scale is usually represented as the embodiment of divine order & law. I have simply added a dollar sign which outweighs a heart to simply embody the intention of today’s law & authority.

The back of the jacket simply reads “NO JUSTICE”. This play on the movie Title “Poetic Justice” which stars Janet Jackson & Tupac Shakur. The film was released a year following the infamous 1992 LA Riots.
The inner lining and fabric of this piece is decorated with the names of several individuals who have been killed unjustly by law enforcement and by acts of hatred. Creating this piece my goal was not to only bring light to these instances but to make a statement. Whether it be the blood, sweat and tears that ancestors had to shed in order to build this nation or the endless amount of people murdered in cold blood. African American people have never been considered equal regardless of the falsified image the media has created.

1/1 By Tone Burke for Black History Month