Artist Of The Month : 001 (TABBAN)

Tabban is a multi-media artist from Toronto who’s work has a style which stands out amongst most.
Some say her work is contemporary illustration others say it is spatially aware but her work is in a lane of its own. She recently released an app called “Sticker Ting” featuring animated icons of her work using notable Toronto slang. We had the opportunity to interview Tabban and to see where her inspiration comes from and what makes her unique.

1. Describe yourself and what type of artist you are?
I’m a multidisciplinary artist. My bio goes something like: 70% artist, 30% .GIF maker and 100% hilarious. My practice ranges from paintings, drawings, murals to creative direction. I draw spacially aware characters with exaggerated limbs. In short though, I’m a creative problem solver and that has allowed me to work with brands and am fortunate enough to pursue many passion projects.

2. What inspires your specific style of work?
Satire, humour, word play, mix between perfectionism and imperfection, spirituality, shapes, minimalism, and colour, to name a few. Lots of vibrant colours. I’m interested in communicating complex ideas with as little elements as possible.

3. What’s your definition of success?
Financial freedom. Creative freedom. Inner peace. Most importantly, having a positive impact on others with my work.

4. What has to happen for you to achieve that?
Time will tell.

5. If you had to choose one place for you work to be displayed where would it be?
Gallery: Mary Boone in New York — Product: Hennessy Bottle (ayo I’m ready when you are @Hennessy)

6. Who do you feel are the most influential visual artist of our time?
Daniel Arsham, Nina Chanel Abney, Ai Weiwei, and Me

7. How do you go about developing your craft?
I stay curious. I continuously question the world around me then I look for solutions that make sense to me. That’s my starting point. Developing your craft is all about dedicating time to learning, exploring, and sharing your findings. The more I’ve done that the more my craft has developed.

8. How would you define Potent Expression?
Persistency. Communicating unapologetically despite personal and professional set backs.

9. Do you have another passion? If so what is it?
Acting – I still want to explore that.

10. How would like to be remembered?
Most influential visual artists of my generation.

See Tabban’s work below

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