Meezy is a self taught visual / graphic artist. His work has a approach of its own as he mixes his street influenced animations with surrealism and creative fashion style’s. He tend’s to draw characters in natural poses while playing with perspective and exaggerate drapery. We had the opportunity to speak to Omar about his inspirations and what makes him unique.

1.Describe yourself and what type of artist you are?
I’m a self-taught visual/graphic artist. I’d like to think my work classifies as a urban/street mix with a little surrealism. My main practices consist of drawings, paintings, and digital illustrations. I tend to draw a lot of natural poses but then play with perspective and exaggerate drapery. I also enjoy illustrating urban like animals, focusing on texture and different variations of patterns.

2.Where does your inspiration stem from?
A lot of my inspiration comes from simply being around nature. I also have a high interest in fashion and street culture. I truly never know where my next inspiration might come from. Sometimes I catch myself looking at the finest detail of an object and I’ll instantly have an idea! l also believe music plays a very big role in sparking up a new concept for me.

3.What’s your definition of success?
I think for an artist its especially important to find inner peace as well as be able to leave a positive impact amongst others who may look up to you.

4.What has to happen for you to achieve that?

5.If you had to choose one place for you work to be displayed where would it be?
It’s kind of a wild thought but it would be dope to see my art a long side a huge building within the GTA, then eventually across major cities.

6.Who do you feel are the most influential visual artist of our time?
Jacob Rochester, Paper Frank, Blue The Great, and thats just to name a few.

7.How do you go developing your craft?
I generally just go with the flow. Usually It could start from an old sketch or idea. Sometimes I go for a bike ride to clear my head before I start a creative
process. The only way I find, is to simply just draw, you never know where your imagination might take you.

8.How would you define Potent Expression?
Displaying the purest form of self through limitless expression.

9.Do you have another passion? If so what is it?
Cycling – I have a strong passion for building and restoring old bikes.

10.How would you like to be remembered?
In your TOP 5 most influential Visual Artists of this era.

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