A clever depiction of the American flag. This image contains various symbols that have played an important role in the history of the United States Of AmeriKKKa. Firstly the blue and red on the traditional American flag have been fittingly subsituted with the materials of real paisley bandana fabrics. Both of which symbolize the two largest known street gangs in the world that were established in the United States. The red stripes represent the “Bloods” and the blue and white stars , now tears represent “The Crips”. The most controversial prt of th flag is th white stripes, which are now made of real American dollar bills symbolizing the unprecedented amount of wealth the United States of America has managed to earn through the debt and suffering of its people. As a whole the properties that hold this flag together serves to represent AmeriKKKas true nature.

Flag Designed By Tone Burke

Dope $ociety.